Friday, September 23, 2011

MYSTERY MONDAYS Vol.10, "See You in September"

The Stately Wayne Manor is celebrating it's 10th edition with a special bill of jetset DJs with mind-blowing collections of rockin' 50's & 60's records. RYO the DYNAMITE has rockabilly covered, while RIE will dish out some tunes SWANK style! Expect teenage trash by Irish expat NOEL & some space-age exotica from DANDY, half of the lounge duo MAMA CHARI. Yours truly will be throwing down some kitschy rocka and novelty tunes.

Start time is 20:00!
Only 500 yen plus drink!

There will be a special raffle, each customer gets a ticket at the door and a chance to win cool prizes offered by the DJs themselves!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


This coming Saturday nite, The Stately DJ Wayne Manor will be appearing as a guest DJ at the UFO CLUB in Higashi Koenji. It's an affair being thrown by a '77 style punk outfit called The Legs who have played my MYSTERY MONDAYS party twice so far and who have been coming up with some hits in recent times. Also on the bill are the real punk sounding band Stairs as well as Rockbottom and Rangsteen, two bands that have been at the forefront of the Tokyo powerpop boom happening now. Sharing the turntables with me is DJ Toyozo of the garage punk band The Fadeaways and punk group Nervous Hearts. Expect some rarities and classic favorites from the era of punks with flashy suits and skinny ties.

Monday, September 5, 2011



Two motley groups of Irish trad & folk lovin' ramblers converged on Club Heavy Sick last Monday, the 29th of August, in the year two thousand and eleven. The first mob to take the stage was Pinch of Snuff, a local group of Japanese buskers with a vast array of musical armaments including tin whistle, fiddle, accordion, cajon, bodhran, bass and featuring Tiger on acoustic guitars and brash vocals. His drawl lends itself nicely to traditional numbers like "Danny Boy" as well as their own rustic versions of modern songs like the Beatles "I've Just Seen A Face." And the band made instrumental sounds of Ireland come to life on an otherwise slow & muggy Monday night.


Next, the thrashy folk group Mutiny climbed the decks of the good ship Heavy Sick! These paddy rockin' buccaneers are know for playing some of the more notable Irish pubs of port Tokyo and this night they showed up with Paul on mandolin, Alex on acoustic guitar and Greg who plays bodhran while growling out some of the more traditional Irish tunes like "The Black Velvet Band," "I'll Tell Me Ma" and "Whiskey in the Jar." Fiddle, accordion and double bass rounded out their sound on this occasion.


For the last song, the Pinch of Snuff gang decided to storm the ship and join the "Mutiny," so to speak! Both crews crammed on the wee stage and jammed a farewell to summer like the devil! Special thanks to DJ THE JAPANESE BASTARD who played a think set between the gangs of buskers which included a heavy mix of bohemian rustic and Irish hodge podge like RAVFEN & FARLER'S FURY that can be found on his import label UNCLEOWEN music. Yours truly, The Stately DJ Wayne Manor selected some more rockin' tunes by the Clancy Brothers, Johnny Burnette (with The Shamrocks) as well as some paddy greaser tunes by CRAiC HAUS with their self-styled "shamrockabilly" sound!


"Baritsu Attack" was a rescheduling of the MYSTERY MONDAYS "St. Patrick's Party" that was canceled due to the Great East Japan Earthquake that occurred on March 11, 2011. I compiled a downloadable benefit comp entitled "HEAL THE COAST: A Homespun Tsunami Benefit" now available on Pacifiction Records. PINCH OF SNUFF, along with Royal SHAMROCK & MoDERN B BEARD, appears courtesy of UNCLEOWEN Music.