Thursday, September 19, 2013

Rock 'n' Roll Tonite! at Heavy Sick! THE LEGS 7" Record Release Party!

Yours truly, The Stately DJ Wayne Manor, strikes again! Rock 'n' Roll Tonite is a party held by original punk style band THE LEGS from Tokyo. This event is a double whammy being first, a record release party for the THE LEGS' brand new 7" single, and second, it's their slick frontman Captain's birthday party!

Powerpop phenomenon RANGSTEEN and mod punk revivalists THE COKES will jam the stage while THEEE BAT smash it up with a garage fever! Come on out for punk rock tunes on the turntables by DJs TOMITA & WAYNE MANOR who will be throwing some original garage & power pop into the sets! It IS the Captain's Birthday, oh YES IT IS!

Rock 'n' Roll Tonite


WAYNE MANOR (Swamp Fiction)


Friday, August 23, 2013

DJ WAYNE MANOR, A Summer in Gotham: From Skylark to Rockaway Beach and Beyond!


As I had finalized my summer vacation plans heading back to upstate NY for the 35th anniversary of my father's MC, The Wasted Ones, I wanted to be able to make the most of my first summer back home in 7 years. I had contacted some connections about spinning records with no luck, but then I remembered a having a delightful little chat with a certain NY notable by the name of Grace of Spades when we deejayed together at Don Pedro last March. She set up a Saturday night thing at Skylark in Brooklyn with DJ RATA, who I befriended as Javier, a Venezuelan import with an expert taste in surf, rockabilly, exotica and tequila.

(DJ WAYNE MANOR; On Rock-Rock-Rockaway Beach)

In between sets, I happened to be calling whoever I knew in Brooklyn who could take me in for the night with no luck. Just around midnight, my sister surprised me with a visit. Wow, I got some kinda show of support! Seriously, thank you, sis!  I got to stay out spinning a mix of Japanese GS freakouts, garage pop tunes and northern soul groovies until 3am. And I got a nice sofa to surf on! You could almost say I surfed it to Rockaway Beach.

(DJ RATA, regulating sound at Caracas)  

At Skylark, Javier and I flowed through the usual routine of meeting a stranger in this hobby of collecting forgotten vinyl for the pleasure of others. Like asking each other our roots, getting excited over selections, comparing covers, dueling with B-sides; all the while not really caring if the sleepers at the tables really care if whose cover of "Fever" is blasting out... That is until just after 1am when the hoodoo kicks in and the sleepers stop talking at their tables, or at least their girls stop talking and stand up to boogie like itchy primitives. Then you gotta pay attention through that tropical haze of Tecate and tequila to what songs get thrown down. Cause, you been feeling like this has become the most played-out city in the world and you just started something and you don't wanna break that momentum...

(DJ TONY Abrego & Sonya from DATED)

 ...At about this time, Javier leans over to me and says he's going to Rockaway Beach tomorrow and I can DJ with him and some friends all afternoon. All I gotta do is call him around noon the next day. And that's just what I did on Sunday, August 18th at 12pm.

(DJ Senor 2 Platos, rockin' the garage classics)

I met up with Javier in Brooklyn and we hitched a ride with DJ Tony Abrego and his 50's chic wife Sonya from DATED, a vintage clothing buy-and-sell operation. We got to Rockaway Beach in the early afternoon and set up at Caracas Rockaway where Javier has been spinning rare oldies and roots ska weekly as the resident DJ RATA of Shake It Up Sundays! I took a walk around at this near mythical place immortalized in a Ramones song and found a sandwich board with DJ Wayne Manor from Tokio etched in chalk!

(Rockaway Beach, boat on the horizon)

A lot of people where out on the sand, but tell-tale signs of Big Sandy's wrath were shown in the lack of boardwalk and sections off-limits to swimmers. Yet, Caracas seemed to keep the local economy alive and jivin'! DJ Tony kicked things off with some Jamaican roots music, 50's RnB and real rockabilly. Yours Truly, then played a long, opening set of Japanese group sounds, freakbeat, pop garage and girl groups thrown in for good measure. Hearing tunes like "I Want Candy" and The Shangri-Las' "Out In The Streets" on Rockaway Beach was an unforgettable experience. But even more so, because I had amassed a small group of dancers in the form of a cute couple, one girl in a bikini and one or two little kids (one 5 year old girl invented a new dance I dubbed "The Rockaway Hop!"), enjoying some fun in a New York sun! Bite me California! 

(Rockaway Beach; Where has all the boardwalk gone?)

Well, this paradise lasted only until about 6pm when I had to take the Shuttle to the A, all the way to Penn Station. 2 hours! Only to get woken up by the hassles of everyday life, waiting for another train to mundane Middletown, NY. I spent nearly 5 hours on trains that day, but the 3 hours I spent at Rockaway Beach were branded in my memory forever. Gracias, Javier. And ultimately, thank you, Grace of Spades.

~The Stately DJ Wayne Manor


PS. In my travels upstate NY and beyond, I was able to provide some Swamp Fiction vinyl to Darkside Records in Poughkeepsie, NY and Gallery of Sound at locations in Pennsylvania. Ask for THEEE BAT, THE FADEAWAYS or ATOMIC SUPLEX at their stores!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

HOUSE of MYSTERY Vol.13½ ED WOODS & LOS CHAMPIONS Pre-record Release Party with DAIKAIJU! "Beach Party on MONSTER ISLAND (Part 2)!"

In an unprecedented turn of events, Tokyo & Yokohama get a double shot of HOUSE of MYSTERY this weekend! After monster surf band DAIKAIJU attacks Tokyo, they will be ripping things up at ORANGE COUNTY BROTHERS in Tennocho, Yokohama! As it turns out, Swamp Fiction will be celebrating a pre-record release of the forthcoming ED WOODS meets LOS CHAMPIONS - TERROR IN ROOM 208 split 7" EP! Come to the show and pick up a CD-R copy of the record and be one of the very first to have it delivered to your door!

And if those two bands aren't enough, come out for THEE MIGHTY FEVERS rejoining DAIKAJU for some more co-wreckage and local two-man trashers d/i/s/c/o/s will be on hand to kick off the bash! Beach party on MONSTER ISLAND continues!!!!

Sat. 8/24
"Beach Party on MONSTER ISLAND (Part 2)!"


OPEN: 18:00
START: 18:30
DOOR: ¥1500 +1D

Come and get a CD-R copy of ED WOODS meets LOS CHAMPIONS - TERROR IN ROOM 208 and pre-order the 7" record!


Send of summer with a surf bash Godzilla-style at the HOUSE of MYSTERY! DAIKAIJU, a monster surf rock band from the US, attacks Hatagaya Heavy Sick in Tokyo on Friday, August 23rd! This special 2-part, 13th volume event is gonna be a "Beach Party on MONSTER ISLAND" with the help of Tokyo surf, psyche & garage maniacs NETANAOYOI, THEEE BAT, MY FIRST BIKINI & RAT-HOLIC! Instro-mentals and hot-rod tunes will be blasting from the turntables from the vast collections of Garage Rockin' Crazes' own JIMMY MASHIKO, EDDIE UGATA from The El Caminos and yours truly, The Stately DJ Wayne Manor!

Everyone, come on out and welcome DAIKAIJU to Tokyo! They won't bite your heads off or anything!!

Now, just to sweeten the summer fun, girls who come dressed in a bikini get 1 free drink! Monster FUN, summer FUN, bikini FUN!

Fri. 8/23
”Beach Party on MONSTER ISLAND!"


JIMMY MASHIKO (Garage Rockin' Craze)
EDDIE UGATA (The El Caminos)
WAYNE MANOR (Swamp Fiction)


Friday, July 12, 2013



The summer of '13 saw the ominous return of MYSTERY MONDAYS for a one-night only reunion of a much lamented mini-live series that was the brainchild of Yours Truly several years ago. At that time, I had an easier work schedule and doing a monthly Monday Mystery party was a fun way to spin some records around carefully planned theme. I've had punk nights, Irish/rustic bashes, Halloween parties and even no wave chic get-togthers, all with the idea that I would invite a couple bands and a couple DJs to present themselves and their scenes in a matinee kinda setting. It also worked out to be a kinda networking session where I got to know labels as well as for also for bands who I thought should know each other to get a chance to meet. I'd like to think that more than a few people became friends during the year long run of the original Mystery Mondays.


So earlier this summer, I had some free time to do a bit of thinking and scheming and I decided to get my good friend Shotaro to spin some records with me for a reunion. I decided to take Mystery Mondays back to its roots and make it a punk rock/power pop event which I started out with when I had SEE HER TONITE join THE LEGS at Club Heavy Sick about 3 years ago. This July, THE LEGS agreed to come out again, and I also invited Ramones-style punk girls band ROCK-A-CHERRY, and the deal was done. ROCK-A-CHERRY front-girl Yoko and Reo from NEON GROUP have a monthly new wave dance party called NEO CITY. They joined Shotaro and Yours Truly to spin some wax rounding out the night ensuring plenty of garage tunes, 70's punk obscurities and 80's danceables pumped out of the sound system. They next mystery is if I will ever have a Monday free to do another Mystery Mondays.

~The Stately Wayne Manor

Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Taking time out my busy schedule, yours truly will be spinning girl garage & mod-ish beat music before MELViNS at WILLY NILLY Vol.3 at HATAGAYA HEAVY SICK! More sick tunes on stage will be performed by Lonesome Slim & d/i/s/c/o/s! Wait! There's more you say? Jump 'n' jive to turntable trashers Gorilla Snake, Lemon Whiskers, Daph, Wayne Manor, White Noise Disco & NICO!!! Not to mention weird-o film footage by Tim!

FRI. JUNE 28th

Lonesome Slim

Gorilla Snake
Lemon Whiskers
Wayne Manor
White Noise Disco


DOOR: 1,800yen(+1D)

Tuesday, June 25, 2013


So yours truly is back in town withe the mystery action! Been enjoying a bit too much free time and decided to do something about it, so why not throw a party!? Turns out that I just got busy, busier than I had foreseen but Mystery Mondays is back for a one-night stand with powerpop rockers THE LEGS and girly Ramones-style with ROCK-A-CHERRY! DJ WAYNE MANOR will be spinning some pur punk rock radio hits with trash junkie & Heavy Sick regular DJ SHOTARO! NEO CITY tag team, DJs REO & YOKO will be spinning some new wave danceables so come on out for some retro fun!

Return of...
Monday, July 8th


WAYNE MANOR (Pacifiction Records)

Ticket: ¥1500 +1D
OPEN: 20:00

Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Last Month's HOUSE of MYSTERY was full up with skins, birds and mod chicks galore! I had been planning a kinda Spirit of '69 meets Tokyo mods chic since I saw THE SHOCK TROOPS from Nagoya at a punk show last summer and got it all sorted with the help of some of the best two-tone ska and edgy mods groups in Tokyo.

THE PHANTASMS, stylish sixties girls with a penchant for 70's power pop, started the night out in the right groove. Guitarist and vocalist Aya had to run off later to spin records all night at her Ooh-Pah-Doo-Pah groovy party. Then THE DROPS, a nearly all-girl ska entourage with horns, sax and playfully insane vocals, gave the Hard Mod Night a head-butt and a kick in the pants to boot!

Vivid, tantalizing and furious, the trio known as SIX pack my favorite pieces of the 60's together, you know, surf, spy themes, pseudo-oriental rock, girl group sounds and then rip it up in a whirlwind of Twiggy-esque hair-styling and Brigitte Bardot-black leather embodied in front-woman Chelio.

By this time, Club Heavy Sick was really looking like borstal dance party with tons of skins milling about watching DOWNBEAT SELECTORS throw down reggae classics while doing their comedy routine before 69YOBSTERS hit the stage. Then the YOBSTERS got down to business and broke out into a set of fun skinhead-themed ska tunes led by burly beer-swigging crooners who got the audience skanking around and chanting to their anthems.

At this point, THE SHOCK TROOPS were ready to blast the hangers-on to pieces. Lead vocalist Bemu blaring harmonica out from under aviators only stopping to shout something profound and commanding to fit in with the chugging rhythm of the rest of the band. Taking their ques from British street punk which traces itself back to the blues of pub rock and the attitude of the original skinhead movement, THE SHOCK TROOPS are continuing this tradition a world away. And I was truly grateful for their presence at my attempt at a mods party at the HOUSE of MYSTERY.

Special thanks to the DJs who came out despite the time crunch. OKUDA from Original John deserves special praise for promoting the party on his blog. Thanks as well to HARRY the HEMPSTEAD HEATH who is always ready to hop on his Mod Star and head to the club with a case of 45s whenever I call.

What's to come is a Mystery!

PS. Thanks to Never Trust blog for reporting in Japanese and posting pics which I have used here.

Monday, April 15, 2013

HOUSE of MYSTERY Vol.12, "Borstal Formal! ~Hard Mod Nite~"

Suit up & boot up! HOUSE of MYSTERY returns with a nite of hip-shakin', boot stompin', mod style. Sixties-esque girl groups THE PHANTASMS & SIX join roots ska entourage THE DROPS and rudies 69YOBSTERS; blues bootboys THE SHOCKTROOPS bring the pub/punk rock all the way from Nagoya. DJs will be spinning a mix of punk, mod, soul & reggae between bands to keep you skankin' til last train!

"Borstal Formal ~Hard Mod Night~"

OKADA (Original John)

OPEN: 18:00
START: 18:30
ADV: 2000 +1D
DOOR: 2300 +1D

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Stately DJ WAYNE MANOR @ GaragePunk NYC, St. Patty's Eve Bash at Don Pedro, Brooklyn

So, yours truly flew into JFK on Saturday March 16th around 3pm amidst a minor snow flurry... than headed out into the concrete jungle. I made my way through the MTA to Metropolitan Ave. in Brooklyn where I was take a pit stop at Pete's new place (Incidentally, Pete is from roots rock band NCM and had previously helped me get THE HARPY's some shows and crash space in New Paltz). I got his girlfriend on the station payphone who had arranged for me to get a key from the guy in the art studio on the first floor. I spent two hours in their flat showering, freshening up and organizing my shit for the night to come. I headed out around 6:30, handed the key to the painting teacher I got it from and started walking... in the wrong direction. I got directions outside an L station and took the train to Bedfrod, met my parents right on time at 7pm and we all went out for dinner. Then we headed for Don Pedro... got frantically lost & had to 411 the place, but we got there well before show time. Met Jake Noodles (I had known him from WLWL with Rico, a Japanese cat that he had been in the band with and had more recently opened the Mystery Train vintage clothing shop which is now located in the basement of Don Pedro). Waited for DJ Shimmy to show up with needles for the tables and then got busy spinning some tunes from the Far East!

My first set was all Japanese garage punk from the modern era, meaning the classics like Guitar Wolf, Supersnazz & Teengenerate along with lesser knowns like The Evil Hoodoo & Goggle-A (doing a GS rendition of France Gall's "Poupee de Cire"). I threw in a couple more punk stuff like The Jet Boys, and since it was St. Patrick's Eve, Oi-Skallmates covering The Pogues' "Dirty Old Town," with a bit of a ska touch. Being my first night back in NY in two and a half years I hadda play "New York Groove" from Ronnie's (5678's) one-off single with The Devil Dogs. My set ended when local NYers The Neighbors creeped on stage and played some raunchy originals.

I blasted my next set out with a wild shamisen/eleki guitar combo by Ventures style surf guitarman Takeshi Terauchi matching wits with a shamisen master. I followed up with The Tigers and then some more mod-ish garage tunes by The Other Five, The Fenways, The You Know Who Group, The Sidekicks and more! I mixed in some Japanese GS stuff by the likes of Takeshi Terauchi (again!) & the Bunnys and The Carnabeats which seems to flow better with danceable freakbeat a bit more than straight forward pounding 60's punk thumpers. I had great fun playing these tunes from across the seven seas and I was very happy to have some people come up to me and ask what exactly spinning!

Cheers, to DJ Shimmy from who ran that show, DJ Grace O'Spades who spun a chic mix of glam & powerpop after me and all the bands that played Don Pedro the eve of St. Patrick's Day 2013! See more photos at the GPNYC blog here:

Monday, March 18, 2013

LIVE REPORT! HOUSE of MYSTERY Vol.11 No Way Jose Sayonara Party!

With gut-wrenching sorrow I had to say farewell to one of the best friends I have ever known in my Tokyo existence. With his research into the underbelly of the Japanese music world complete, loco muchacho Jose has moved on to Arizona to finish the scholarly work he started 2 years ago. And what better way to say sayonara than with an all out bash at Club Heavy Sick with his favorite trash thrashers on hand! Not to mention a sultry reunion with the sexy CocoFlame who played foil to his Senor Santa at the HOUSE of MYSTERY XXXmas party of 2011!

The unmentionable attractions of the tear-jerking evening included Yokosuka knuckle-draggers d/i/s/c/o/s, back from the grave robbers THE FADEAWAYS, frat-hoppin' rockers STOMPIN' RIFF RAFFS, beat-sloppin' horror THEEE BAT & B-movie dudes ED WOODS!

The DJ station was kept rockin' by the jamming wax thrown down by DeeJays LEMON WHISKERS and Back from the Grave Svengali DADDY-O-NOV... But the highlight for most was DJ SENOR! That is Jose in his loco Mexicano persona dishing out some of his own hot tamales on the turntables!

With a special cake & cookies made by Stompin's own Miku-chan, not to mention all the friendly faces that came out, the HOUSE of MYSTERY achieved the home-party vibe that I strive for! And Senor Jose was blown away by all the well-wishing and wild-hearted revelry everyone brought with them. I have a feeling he took a lot of it back to arid Arizona with him!

As a shaky Mika Bat slurmised on stage "NEVER SAY GOOD BYE!" Until we meet again... and I'll leave it at that!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

GARAGE PUNK NYC presents... St. Paddy's Eve Bash at Don Pedro!

As yours truly was planning an escape from Tokyo heading back to NY for a clean spring break, I got to thinking about what I could do in the city that never sleeps for three weeks. Well, I got in touch with Christophe from Bananas Magazine (who have featured both THE FADEAWAYS & THEEE BAT) and asked him if anything was on. Through him, I was put in touch with DJ SHIMMY who operates the blog and also does shows at Don Pedro in Brooklyn. In the past he's billed THEEE BAT & STOMPIN' RIFFRAFFS, both good friends of mine. Well, Shimmy offered me an opening slot... on the day that I arrive in NY. I fly into JFK at 3pm... probably won't get released from that void until 5pm. Show starts at 9:30... so I have a good 4 hours to make my way over to Williamsburg and find someplace to hang before showtime. It will be managed.

For anyone in the area looking for something to do to celebrate, St. Paddy's Eve and do the whole hair of the dog thing on St. Paddy's Day proper, come on out for some garage insanity with THE OTHERMEN, TIGHT SPOTS, BORN LOOSE & THE NEIGHBORS. DJs Sea-mmy & Grace O'Spades will spinning later on in the evening and yours truly, the Stately Wayne Manor will start the party roaring with raw Japanese punk clunkers from the 90's as well as a set of 60's GS and garage thumpers... maybe even a little Irish might get thrown in the bag!

Look out for my merch table with SWAMP FICTION records and some new stuff from Japan available on PACIFICTION RECORDS like BOBBY'S BAR, DEAD BAMBIES & HOWLING GUITAR!

HOUSE of MYSTERY Vol. 12: No Way Jose Sayonara Party!

For about over two years I've been hanging out with Jose (he's really Canadian of Columbian descent, but we play up his Mehicano looks!) at garage shows around Tokyo, occasionally Back from the Grave at UFO or some Cherry Times party at JAM, but most often (ahem, nearly every weekend) at my home away from home, CLUB HEAVY SICK. Jose was my Senor Santa at the 2011 Xmas party with THE SPITFIRES from Australia, we've had many cool times introducing RnR tourists to  Poor cowthe greatest RnR bar in Tokyo and I've been lending him tons of Japanese garage/punk on CD for his academic research into the Japanese music scene. That research has come to a finish and Jose is heading to arid Arizona to put it all together, not to mention hang out with his girl. Dismayed, forlorn, despairing, you may think?! Yes, so I decided to throw a bash big enough to bring about the Day of the Dead a bit early! NO WAY JOSE SAYONARA PARTY featuring 5 bands selected by Senor Jose himself, hellishly hip garage DJs LEMON WHISKERS & DADDY-O-NOV and a special reunion whith burlesque wildcat COCO FLAME who incidentally gave SENOR SANTA a luscious lap dance on Xmas day two years ago. Not to mention DJ SENOR JOSE himself making an appearance playing some of his favorite Japanese wild tunes! Don't say sayonara, just buy him some tequila!

"No Way Jose Sayonara Party"
Sun., March 10
Club Heavy Sick


DADDY-O-NOV (Back from the Grave)

OPEN: 18:00
ADV: 2000 +1D
DOOR: 2300 +1D

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

THE DOGS - Japan Tour Finale 2013 & Detroit Jack's Sayonara Party

A big salute to Detroit Jack for the past 15 years or so he's been living in Japan! Back in 2007, he launched Future Now Records as a vehicle to bridge music scenes between two of the world's greatest Rock Cities with a tribute to THE DOGS! He released a double album with a slew of Japanese bands paying homage to the original punk rock band that first screamed out "Slash Your Face!" He followed up with a double DVD collection of new and old rare live footage of THE DOGS gigging in LA and Tokyo. Since then, Jack has decided to move... rather ride on into the sunset seeking serenity in the world's ancient site with his newly founded Bike Classical cycling group. Ride on, brother!


That's not to say Detroit Jack won't be leaving without any fanfare! Future Now Recordds is bringing THE DOGS back to Japan for four incredible nites of ROCK fantasy! Hit Fifi's bar Poor Cow in Shimo-kitazwa on Friday, April 8th for a special acoustic show and record signing. Get electric, or eleki maybe, on Sat. April 9th at SHINJUKU RED CLOTH with THUNDER ROADS, THE RAYDIOS, JACKIE & THE CEDRICS & ELECTROPHONIC! Wild 60's rockin' dance tunes by SWANK DJ WILD OX!

Yours truly, The Stately DJ Wayne Manor, was asked with great honor to spin loud 'n' fast vinyl punk trash at UFO CLUB in HIGASHI-KOENJI on Sunday, April, 10th and also HATAGAYA CLUB HEAVY SICK on Monday, April 11th! Head to UFO for post-punks NANOX, legendary girls garage group SUPERSNAZZ, trash rockers FRANTIC STUFF & Motor City-style madmen THE GIMMIES! Special going away present for Detroit Jack will be a strip tease by the jaw-dropping, tittee-twisting burlesque beauty MIWA-ROCK!

And if you still have blood flowing through your veins after all that, come on out to my home turf CLUB HEAVY SICK for a trash-sick monster-bash with frantic trio THEEE BAT, muddy fuzz from nUEyIN, Max retro RnR band SONIC GANG, leather-clad screeching machine THE FACEFUL & non-stop garage RnB action by the MINNESOTA VOODOO MEN! Oh did I forget to mention THE DOGS will be there too? Do it for THE DOGS baby! Turn on & turn it up all you Motor City Muthfu&#%*$!!!!!!WOOOOOOOOOFFFFFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thursday, January 31, 2013

Date with THE CRAMPS - LUX Tribute Live

Every year since the demise Lux Interior, of one of Rock 'n' Roll's sickest legends, Club Heavy Sick pays tribute with a live shows celebrating his legacy with The Cramps, one of Rock 'n' Roll's sickest bands! This year, Yours Truly, The Stately DJ Wayne Manor was asked to throw down slabs of pure trash alongside two of the biggest name garage DJs in Japan, namely DJ JIMMY MASHIKO of Garage Rockin' Craze & Tokyo Back from the Grave's own DJ DADDY-O-NOV! A down and dirty honor indeed!

Not to mention the amount of wild and weird live music going down next Sunday at Heavy Sick which includes rockabilly trashers The Gasser & My Solidkick from Gunma, Yokosuka's two man garage punk gashers d/i/s/c/o/s, psycho-instro-mentalists BOBBY'S BAR, grave stompin' dynamic trio THEEE BAT, dolled-up glam-fiends YOUNG PARISIAN and, of course, Japan's own homegrown tribute band the TOKYO CRAMPS fronted by wildman Elovis channeling the ghost of Lux himself! Prepare yourself for bikini girls surfin' in the swampy graveyard basement of Heavy Sick!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

ED WOODS presents... World of the Dude Vol.1! ~Kurt Russel Night~

Trash rockers & B-movie enthusiasts ED WOODS are starting up a raw night of pop culture dude-ism! Aaaand... the Dude of the Month is KURT RUSSEL! Join us for a wicked night of live punk, funk and rock & roll and plenty of slabs of boppers, twisters and garage throbbers thrown down on the turntables by DJ AKKO CHAMPION and Yours Truly, The Stately DJ WAYNE MANOR! Don't for get your Snake Plissken eye-patches!

ED WOODS presents...
World of the Dude Vol. 1
~Kurt Russel Night~
Saturday, Jan. 26th

Both Cheese


OPEN: 18:30
START: 17:00

ADV: 2000 Yen +1D
DOOR: 2300 Yen +1D

Friday, January 18, 2013


Double LP Release Party!
Jan.14, 2013



Recently THE FADEAWAYS returned to the stage after a brief hiatus and they brought back their garage punk bash Teenage Shutdown! This was a special night celebrating their new Dead Beat Records release Raw, Wild & Wretched, along with new labelmates Kobe's own Frantic garage-fused Ramones style band THEE MIGHTY FEVERS, with their own newly released LP Fuck'in Great R'n'R.

It just so happened that the fates decided to drop a bucket of snow on Tokyo while both bands were driving up from Kobe to finish off a short tour. I had enough trouble lugging my case of 45s to the gig slipping and sliding at Shibuya station hoping trains were not delayed and got there just on time.... only to get word that The Fadeaways were still slushing along the highways up to Tokyo!

Teenage Shutdown is usually a more garage based event, but with The Legs & The Raydios on the bill, it was slightly more on the punk side. So I mostly spun from my classic punk and power pop collection. I was happy to throw down some tunes like "There's Never Been A Night" by the Quads along with stuff from The Lurkers, The Ruts, The Stilettos and one of my favorites "Kids Just Wanna Dance" by The Fast. To warm up the crowd for Supersnazz, I gave the crowd a bit of a mod sound and played some raunchy soul and girl groups. I had planned to go completely garage before Thee Mighty Fevers, but since The Fadeaways still hadn't shown up yet! I just kept spinning raw stuff from the 70's. The Fadeaways finally got to Tokyo and rushed through the subways with gear in tow to get to Heavy Sick and plop a box of fresh records on the merch table and jump on stage at the last minute, blasting through their set nearly non-stop RnR!

A big arigatou to Toyozo and the boys for having me DJ! Winter-blasted and weather-tested, The Fadeaways came thru on their big LP debut night!