Saturday, March 31, 2012


Due to uncontrollable circumstances yours truly, The Stately DJ WAYNE MANOR, had to stop the MYSTERY MONDAYS series at HATAGAYA HEAVY SICK. The final party was a meeting of cultures and folk styles that could only happen in Japan. ISHIBUTAI, consisting of Black&Blue's bewitching songstress MARI coupled with an expert shamisen (that's a traditional string instrument native to Japan) played a haunting set of blues twinged with traditional Japanese sounds. Accompanying the set was a kinda didactic, cryptic even, photography show-and-tell of local history & art. Then, fresh from playing the mega St. Patrick's party WILD ROVER, ALLY BAND gave us a set of trad Irish music; bagpipes outta hell with a punk edge! And the gang had the energy to go meet up with THE POGUES on their Japan jaunt later that week! UNCLEOWEN records chief sauntered out too and spun some tunes from his label and collection while I played a mix of group sounds & Irish folk tunes! Only in Japan!!!! Unfortunately I could only find a vid of ALLY BAND for this nite, so I will post a vid of ISHIBUTAI shining on another occasion.


(Shamisen blues unit ISHIBUTAI!!!)

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

HOUSE of MYSTERY Vol. 7 & ATOMIC SUPLEX Japan Tour 2012

So it's that time of year again when the cherry blossoms bloom and the geezers lay out their blue tarps and drink sake under the pink flowers dreaming of samurai & geisha of old and then ATOMIC SUPLEX lands tearing a hole in the fabric of the collective conscious of thousands of years of Japanese culture! Three rip-roaring RnR shows celebrating the release of the new Crypt Records LP "Bathroom Party!" A bunch of Japanese kids are going to be cramming into the local park's WC to listen to this one while their parents get drunk under the beautiful sakura trees!

On Friday, April 6 ATOMIC SUPLEX trashes up Yokohama with the best of 'em at Sex & Fury & R'n'R! Come out to Orange County Brothers in Tennocho Yokohama for some killer RnR action with ED WOODS, JET BOYS, a special last performance by BRAZIL UFO and more!

Then confound and mystify your self at HATAGAYA HEAVY SICK on Saturday night April 7! The Stately Wayne Manor presents HOUSE of MYSTERY Vol. 7! A super spectacular garage punk showdown with some of classic acts like THE VOLUME OUT, MINNESOTA VOODOOMEN & THE GREAT MONGOOSE championing ATOMIC SUPLEX's new Crypt Records LP release! Back from The Grave hearse driver DJ Daddy-O-Nov will be on hand to for this ghastly "Back from the Crypt" party!

And if you still got gas, head on out to UFO CLUB on Sunday nite for "Beaver Shot!" If you like THE FADEAWAYS' "Teenage Shutdown" party, this is kinda like it's evil twin... Toyozo has a new band BEAVER PATROL and there will be some of the old guard namely THEEE BAT & VIVIAN BOYS supporting ATOMIC SUPLEX as they have done for countless years past! Not to mention raunchy blues garage band THE CHOCOLATES!

ATOMIC SUPLEX JAPAN TOUR 2012 explodes the first weekend of April, so get your riot gear ready and be sure to pick up the ATOMIC SUPLEX split 7" with THEEE BAT, the Sex & Fury & R'n'R Semi-special DVD or their latest CRypt Records LP "Bathroom Party" so you can take it home with you and drive your neighbors up a wall!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

MYSTERY MONDAYS Vol.14, "RONIN meets ROVER at Heavy Sick!"

So the fate of Mystery Mondays hangs in the balance... seriously though, I am basically rescheduling my life in the coming months and I hope to have the time to continue the Monday nite madness! In the meantime, check out the killer Sat. nite House of Mystery parties coming up!

This months Mystery party presents a shamisen blues project called 石舞台 featuring MARI from ANAKIES and Black&Blue tapping into the Japanese psyche with some eerie folk tunes with a western blues touch. Then Ally Band will take to the stage for a set of Irish punk with blaring bagpipes straight outta hell! They play Wild Rover the day before so come join us for a bit of hair of the dog at Club Heavy Sick!

THE JAPANESE BASTARD from UNCLEOWEN will be spinning some wild rustic tunes and yours truly, The Stately Wayne Manor will create a balance with some traditional Irish records and old school Japanese group sounds! RONIN meets ROVER at Heavy Sick!

March 23
"RONIN meets ROVER at Heavy Sick!


Roaming DJs
The Stately Wayne Manor (Swamp Fiction)

Saturday, March 3, 2012


Right now I am lamenting MYSTERY MONDAYS... It was such a fun time just seeing what kinda folks would just ramble in off the streets on some dubious Facebook or Tokyo Gig Guide tip. For the 13th edition of MYSTERY MONDAYS I had TAKA-ROCK & ONE MAN HEARTBREAKERS play with the uncontrollable ED WOODS no-less! The wild Irish DJ NOEL and AKKO CHAMPION of LOS CHAMPIONS were the guest vinyl spinners for the night but the two Finnish wanderers, Henri and Hanne, that showed up out of nowhere made the night for me! They captured this small glimpse of the last days of MYSTERY MONDAYS and a brilliant intro to the Tokyo gore garage scene to share with the world at large!

PS. Check out Henri's own mega-powerpop-rock band THE DEATH of GAGARIN!!

(Highlights of MYSTERY MONDAYS "The 13th Party")

(THE DEATH OF GAGARIN - Le Grunge Blues)