Friday, July 29, 2011

LIVE REPORT: MYSTERY MONDAYS Vol. 8, "Hanabi in a Bottle!"

This past week hanabi, or fireworks in Japanese, were captured in a bottle with two up-and-coming Tokyo garage bands and the eclectic sounds of the dynamic DJ duo MAMA CHARI!

On their second performance yet, DAncer DAnger burst on the stage at Heavy Sick with sparkles of white light and heat as they experimented with melding 60's garage with post-punk! Their adroit covers of The Sonics and The Velvet Undergound as well as their own meld of NY rock'n'roll and British post-punk ensure DA-DA, as they are affectionately known, a place in the current Tokyo underground.

(DAncer DAnger)

In the meantime, MAMA CHARI, the double dose of lounge pop provided by DJ DANDY & DJ RONSOME entertained the crowd with a fizzy cocktail of sounds ranging from exotica to psyche, soul, Japanese group sounds and French pop!

(MAMA CHARI feat. DJ DANDY upfront & DJ RONSOME in the background)

The final band, another garage group only on their second outing, the all-girl trio MELVINS were a bottle-rocket of classic American garage sound lead by the screeching vocals of Kumi-chan! After their enrapturing set, they left the audience demanding an encore which they delivered... a wild rendition of "Louie Louie" which sounded much like a homage to the One Way Streets, albeit through the shouts of Japanese girls!


Another fine production brought to you by THE STATELY DJ WAYNE MANOR with the backing of CLUB HEAVY SICK in Hatagaya, Tokyo where we always try to capture a little hanabi in a bottle!


All pictures taken by JIMI from Nagoya.

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