Saturday, November 19, 2011

LIVE REPORT: MYSTERY MONDAYS Vol. 11, Halloween Hangover!

Halloween this year was a very busy time between all the tours happening and the Back from the Grave Halloween Ball where the Rip-offs tore another one in Tokyo! As chance would have it, Halloween Day fell on a Monday so we could have a real Halloween party at Heavy Sick for Mystery Mondays... and luckily we had a skeleton crew of party-goers still in the mood for costumes and spooky fun!

MACH5 really helped keep the spirit alive with their classic Japanese manga outfits and hyper garage punk instros and great covers like The Rezillo's "Flying Saucer Attack!"

Then some kinda witchery appeared on stage in the form of Black&Blue, delving into the Japanese female psyche with a modern Showa-fusion inspired set.

Japanese rockers NETANOYOI provided tribal rock & reggae rhythms calling out spirits the spirits that haunt Heavy Sick to chill.

The last band of the evening, ANDROID BEACH PARTY burst out with some Street Fighter action and wild sci-fi-inspired instrumental tunes for a Halloween grand finale!

A Halloween party would not have been possible without the crazy people that came in costume and the DJs, namely SACHI B and BILLY TRASH of the infamous Ed Woods! I believe we've kept the ghouls at bay until next year at least!

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