Friday, December 2, 2011


Continuing the tradition of celebrating the No Wave movement with eclectic punk and avant garde sounds, MYSTERY MONDAYS invited a couple off-beat Japanese garage bands know for skewing their sounds with experimental rhythms and odd instrumentation.

Opening the show was a more recently formed buzz band called DAncer DAnger who are known for playing post-punk originals alongside garage classics. This night they laid out some tight rhythms for an authentic dance punk sound that tipped its hat to the New York indie scene with an ESG cover.

Returning from last year's No November soiree, ROCKET JACK VADERS amazed the crowd with their surfy No Wave sounds and intense stage presence. Dual guitarists Sue, with his angular moves and angered shouts, and Shinko, who sports a fashionable mystique, traded off on some of their recognizable songs from their definitive release "Vector."

Spinning a random mix of New York poetry punk, arsty new wave and world beat, DJ Wayne Manor was at your service. After she dropped her bass, DJ TOMMI TOKYO stationed herself at the turntables offering up some funky beats and new wave dance classics. Keep the 24 hour party rolling until next year. Over and out.

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