Friday, July 12, 2013



The summer of '13 saw the ominous return of MYSTERY MONDAYS for a one-night only reunion of a much lamented mini-live series that was the brainchild of Yours Truly several years ago. At that time, I had an easier work schedule and doing a monthly Monday Mystery party was a fun way to spin some records around carefully planned theme. I've had punk nights, Irish/rustic bashes, Halloween parties and even no wave chic get-togthers, all with the idea that I would invite a couple bands and a couple DJs to present themselves and their scenes in a matinee kinda setting. It also worked out to be a kinda networking session where I got to know labels as well as for also for bands who I thought should know each other to get a chance to meet. I'd like to think that more than a few people became friends during the year long run of the original Mystery Mondays.


So earlier this summer, I had some free time to do a bit of thinking and scheming and I decided to get my good friend Shotaro to spin some records with me for a reunion. I decided to take Mystery Mondays back to its roots and make it a punk rock/power pop event which I started out with when I had SEE HER TONITE join THE LEGS at Club Heavy Sick about 3 years ago. This July, THE LEGS agreed to come out again, and I also invited Ramones-style punk girls band ROCK-A-CHERRY, and the deal was done. ROCK-A-CHERRY front-girl Yoko and Reo from NEON GROUP have a monthly new wave dance party called NEO CITY. They joined Shotaro and Yours Truly to spin some wax rounding out the night ensuring plenty of garage tunes, 70's punk obscurities and 80's danceables pumped out of the sound system. They next mystery is if I will ever have a Monday free to do another Mystery Mondays.

~The Stately Wayne Manor

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