Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Last Sunday I hosted the my first event in Tokyo which I hope to make into a regular series. My idea for Wayne Manor's HOUSE of MYSTERY is to not only have a savage line-up of Japanese garage & punk bands, but also include sideshow entertainments during entertainments. So last Sunday we were graced by THE FLY's newest fling, belly-dancing princess SHAULA LEE... there was also an arm-wrestling contest featuring the fierce CHRIS the ARM-CRUSHER and little challenger DJ OKD of the demented duo YUKKUM YUKKUM along with psycho-weirdo DJ Mr. DEATH! At the end of the nite I pulled raffle tickets and awarded the prizes like a bobble-head Rat Fink and Doggy Style: The Dogs Tribute, with illustration by Rockin' Jelly Bean! Despite being quite busy 'n getting frazzled trying to keep all the bands on time, play my DJ sets and host these skits, it was all worthwhile!


It was also a Bon Voyage party for THE HARPY's who I will actually be flying to NY with for their US tour which kicks off next weekend! I jumped on stage and had an American beer KANPAI with Budweiser to celebrate. Les VIVIAN BOYS played next and gave a very European chic meets Japanese mystique performance. Next I passed out home-made Batman masks and played the original 60's TV soundtrack for a Bat-craze dance party just in time for THEEE BAT to blast a high-power cover of Blue Cheer's "Summertime Blues!" THE FLY & his one-man garbage played his slick garage blues and invited rockabilly double bass & guitar men for a hot tune. ED WOODS freaked out like never before with a frantic room of trash followers, I think Billy showed us his entire collection of Batman dungarees before slipping around on the floor! And ANISAKIS finished up the night with their darkly hyper post-punk that ended in bloody fingers and fretboards. So despite my nerves on the edge of a hectic night, everything turned out very cool. My turbaned head is receiving vibes and I predict the HOUSE of MYSTERY will open its doors once again!


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