Tuesday, September 7, 2010

MYSTERY MONDAY Vol. 1 - Punk Nite

So last week I started up a new regular event titled Mystery Mondays. The idea is to have a mini-live (or 2 band show) with a couple guest DJs every time. The first was more of a punk nite with the '77 punk and skinny tie New Wave style of THE LEGS, a relatively new band on the Tokyo scene that is still gaining ground.

The headliner SEE HER TONITE was a more melodic Japanese punk with a longer history in the Tokyo punk scene alongside bands like The Havenots and Water Closet. Both bands fit well together and I played a DJ set as The Stately Wayne Manor of mostly new gen garage punk, 77 punk and power pop. The guest DJ was Michael, a half-Russian Japanese kid who is a resident at the Dope Music Bar Foggy in Takadanobaba where he does a regular party called Head Kicked In.

The next Mystery Monday, this upcoming September 27th, is sub-titled Myster Girls Part 1 and will feature female-fronted bands THE DARLINGS and THE HARPY's (first show after their return from their US tour!). DJs will include KYOKO, drummer of THE LEGS and SACHI B who hosts a regular party called GO HONEY GO! at DJ BAR CHROME. I will post another blog about this soon!

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