Monday, May 16, 2011

HOUSE of MYSTERY Vol.3: "The Hell Surfers Ball!"

Way back at the beginning of April, HOUSE of MYSTERY ushered in the summer beach party vibe with a night of surf & garage bands and vintage 60's trash and instro tunes. Not only that, it was part of a three-show Tokyo tour for UK high-power RnR band Atomic Suplex and their latest DVD release "Sex & Fury & Rock'n'Roll Semi-Special: Atomic Suplex Japan Tour 2010" highlighting some of the London group's finer moments during last year's foray. This Saturday nite at Club Heavy Sick in the heart of Tokyo's garage scene Android Beach Party launched us into the outer reaches of in-strum-mental space rock! Then bobby-helmeted Theee Bat brought us back in time to the smoky London streets of Jack the Ripper. A real beach party wouldn't have been complete without the original style surf combo Rat-Holic complete with Hawaiian shirts, blazing sax and Ventures covers. Risque burlesque dancer Miss Tarantula took the stage with her she-wolf of the SS strip-tease making all the surf Nazis hoot 'n' howl. For this tour, Stuart from Atomic Suplex was backed by Mika Bat, Kub Sharp and 346 TwoFace from Theee Bat, and with their help he unleashed enough nuclear-powered RnR to put Fukushima to shame! Finally, Eddie Legend Story, featuring the infamous Eddie Legend of Mad3 fame, with his most recent backing band, ripped through his brand of instrumental rock 'n' roll tailored for leather-jacketed bikers. Special thanks to rockin DJ Rie from Swank and Erostika-man DJ Wild OX for helping out with wild tunes rounding out another great nite of mystique and mystery brought to you by The Stately Wayne Manor!








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