Thursday, January 31, 2013

Date with THE CRAMPS - LUX Tribute Live

Every year since the demise Lux Interior, of one of Rock 'n' Roll's sickest legends, Club Heavy Sick pays tribute with a live shows celebrating his legacy with The Cramps, one of Rock 'n' Roll's sickest bands! This year, Yours Truly, The Stately DJ Wayne Manor was asked to throw down slabs of pure trash alongside two of the biggest name garage DJs in Japan, namely DJ JIMMY MASHIKO of Garage Rockin' Craze & Tokyo Back from the Grave's own DJ DADDY-O-NOV! A down and dirty honor indeed!

Not to mention the amount of wild and weird live music going down next Sunday at Heavy Sick which includes rockabilly trashers The Gasser & My Solidkick from Gunma, Yokosuka's two man garage punk gashers d/i/s/c/o/s, psycho-instro-mentalists BOBBY'S BAR, grave stompin' dynamic trio THEEE BAT, dolled-up glam-fiends YOUNG PARISIAN and, of course, Japan's own homegrown tribute band the TOKYO CRAMPS fronted by wildman Elovis channeling the ghost of Lux himself! Prepare yourself for bikini girls surfin' in the swampy graveyard basement of Heavy Sick!

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