Thursday, March 14, 2013

GARAGE PUNK NYC presents... St. Paddy's Eve Bash at Don Pedro!

As yours truly was planning an escape from Tokyo heading back to NY for a clean spring break, I got to thinking about what I could do in the city that never sleeps for three weeks. Well, I got in touch with Christophe from Bananas Magazine (who have featured both THE FADEAWAYS & THEEE BAT) and asked him if anything was on. Through him, I was put in touch with DJ SHIMMY who operates the blog and also does shows at Don Pedro in Brooklyn. In the past he's billed THEEE BAT & STOMPIN' RIFFRAFFS, both good friends of mine. Well, Shimmy offered me an opening slot... on the day that I arrive in NY. I fly into JFK at 3pm... probably won't get released from that void until 5pm. Show starts at 9:30... so I have a good 4 hours to make my way over to Williamsburg and find someplace to hang before showtime. It will be managed.

For anyone in the area looking for something to do to celebrate, St. Paddy's Eve and do the whole hair of the dog thing on St. Paddy's Day proper, come on out for some garage insanity with THE OTHERMEN, TIGHT SPOTS, BORN LOOSE & THE NEIGHBORS. DJs Sea-mmy & Grace O'Spades will spinning later on in the evening and yours truly, the Stately Wayne Manor will start the party roaring with raw Japanese punk clunkers from the 90's as well as a set of 60's GS and garage thumpers... maybe even a little Irish might get thrown in the bag!

Look out for my merch table with SWAMP FICTION records and some new stuff from Japan available on PACIFICTION RECORDS like BOBBY'S BAR, DEAD BAMBIES & HOWLING GUITAR!

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